I enjoy providing introductory classes in my community of Northwest Arkansas-
check out the below for upcoming events
    NATURAL VISION WORKSHOPS Are you interested in natural vision improvement, however would rather attend a workshop instead of private or group sessions? Check back for updates, or contact me for more information. TBD: Three, one-half days TBD: Two full days
  2. Calendar Year 2018
    INTRODUCTORY CLASS Hey Northwest Arkansas, does your organization like to have guest speakers? How about an reserving an hour or two to benefit everyone...a free introductory on natural vision improvement. Please go to the contact page of this website to send an email or call.
  1. September 2018
    Attending the Association of Vision Educators retreat. I look forward to meeting fellow natural vision teachers and coaches from across the United States, as well as other countries. I have met with many online, however there is nothing like meeting people in person! JANUARY 2018 Attended a workshop sponsored by Genesis School of Natural Health. This herbal workshop was geared towards learning auto-immune diseases and how to best approach them with herbal healing. Auto-immune diseases cause the body to attack itself either entirely and systemically or focuses and attacks a particular organ. Sometimes herbs may not work, but they can help and nourish the body as wonderful foods and/or supplements.
  2. October 2018
    I have signed up for a continuing education seminar with one of my previous natural vision teachers, whom is someone that has been studying and teaching Bates Methods for many years. There are always more tips and tricks to learn and I am eager to pick some up from one of our communities most respected members.