​​​​Master Herbalist
 Natural Vision Teacher

Glasses can be a fun accessory, but wouldn't you prefer to wear them because you want to, not because you have to... naturally?

With belief and learning some easy everyday techniques...many refractive errors may be reversed, sometimes entirely.

​​  Are you ready to "see" the world, naturally?
Nat​ural vision improvement techniques may increase circulation, oxygen, and natural eye movement...all which can benefit vision.
Food... or... Non-Food?

Supplements... or... Non-Supplements?

Simply put, proper nutrition can heal many aliments. 

It is a popular belief that "everything is ok in moderation".  So many of our food suppliers have unhealthy additives "in moderation". These additives may improve the shelf-life, flavor, or appearance. However, when all of these additives build up in our systems over time, it can be toxic. The toxic build up can bring dis-eases later in life. The good news is that our immune systems are always working. With proper nutrition, the immune system can work more efficiently to remove toxins and improve health.
The  picture here is from a pine tree that was cut- the sap naturally formed the plant-like design!
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    Herbs for optimal health

Natural Vision Improvement Teacher & Master Herbalist

Natural Vision Improvement:  can be achieved with the integration of Traditional Bates Methods  to "change the way you use your eyes". Easy techniques! Simple changes in the way you use your eyes can help to release eye muscle tension. Releasing eye muscle tension can help to regain vision acuity, regardless of the functional errors that have led to reduced vision. Dr. Bates once stated, "Aberations of vision can be caused by muscle strain, and not due to a fault of the eyes!"

Herbs:   can be used to cleanse the eyes. After years of use, staring, and unconscious strain, our eyes need some tender love and care. Poor diets and/or constant eye muscle strain can lead to protein build-up, dry eyes, plus hardening or constriction of blood vessels that provide the eyes with oxygen and anti-inflammatory nutrients. There are many natural based products to try, my favorite is an herbal eye wash from Dr. Christopher. 
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