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The use of herbs in foods is a great way to assimulate their nutritional value on a daily basis. In concentrated form, herbs provide superb immune boosting abilities.  Consuming your own herbal products or purchasing them from a reliable source helps our immune systems to minimize the negative impacts of toxic ingredients found in so many 'food' products and within our environments.  We live in a world that provides more "non-food" and "non-supplements" that our bodies just do not recognize. Are you ready for a healhier lifestyle!

There are real foods and excellent supplements on the grocery store shelves...keep it simple, read the labels, and don't buy it if you can't pronounce it. 

Most dis-eases are caused by lack of nutrition & too many toxins in the cells, which causes those cells to malfunction.

Blog on EYE NUTRITION- based on my own experiences or from a reliable testimony. I am not here to sell anything.

EYE CLEANSE & NUTRIENTS: Dr. Christopher has created the best formula for eye health & cleansing, Herbal Eyebright. The superstar in this formula is the herb Eyebright.  Additionally, there is bayberry bark, golden seal root, red raspberry leaves and cayenne.  Herbal Eyebright is formulated to feed the cell structures around the eye and Dr. C has sited many success cases where the herbs have increased circulation, oxygen and removal of films and dryness. The herbs can be made into a tea for daily consumption.  The tincture is available on the market to be used as an eyewash or tea.

On a personal note, I have used the eyewash on and off for several months. I do believe my eyes are much cleaner and a film has been removed. It does sting a little bit since it has cayenne. I started off with one drop and was quickly up to 4-5 drops per wash. Remember to blink a lot! I have the herbs on order so I can make the tea. I will post my reviews here later this year (2017). It's early in 2018 and I'm happy to report the tea version of Herbal Eyebright tastes really good...spicey and warm for a cold winter day. My eyes are no longer dry (how could they be with cayenne cleaning out the tear ducts!) and the eyes themselves "just feel healthier". 

NIGHT VISION: Bilberry is another popular herb for eye health and is easily found in health food stores. Dr. Christopher combined it with  gingko and cayenne to enhance the night vision of pilots. Vitamin A is also a powerful nutrient for the eye and night vision. A reliable source of vitamin A is made from fish livers, which is to be used a few weeks at a time, then take a break. And of course, eat lots of carrots!

SCLERA CYSTS: These cysts are normally benign, however can be irritating at times...like have an eyelash that you can't get out. I have had one since early 2000's. After a little bit of castor oil and cleaning my eyes just about everyday, at least 1x/day with herbal eye wash, the irritations have completely dissappeared, the cyst has soften and I'm hopeful it will dissappear someday. 

{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EEYE DIS-EASES: Lutein and Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that have been known to build up the retina of the eye. There are two pigments found both in the body and in nature: they are present in the macula (the eye) and in vegetables. These pigments have been isolated and added to many products sold as vision formulas. Taking one of these supplemental vision formulas is a good step for anyone who has or wishes to prevent Macular Degeneration. The vegetables with the largest content of these pigments are kale, spinach, parsley, collard greens, (cooked) broccoli, green peas, pumpkin, and Brussels sprouts. Egg yolks also have a high content of both. Herbal nutrition power herbs are spirulina, chickweed, wheatgrass, bladderwrack, alfalfa, nettles, and horsetail...all which taste great in smoothies.

 ​Dis-ease can happen if your cells malfunction. 

An illness is a sign that your body isn't making repairs effectively. Getting well and reversing disease involves eating a good diet, keeping your body free of toxins, and using supplements to give your cells a boost in nutrients in order to do an effect job to minimize dis-eases. 

Sound simple?

It can be....are you ready to start today!

Please note that neither nutrition tips nor vision teaching is considered a medical approach. Herbal Visions, LLC does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any way. I do not claim to cure or diagnose diseases - that would be against the law! I encourage you to continue any prescription medications and keep all medical doctor appointments.