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Northwest Arkansas

About Carla
Shortly after moving to Northwest Arkansas, after 20 years active duty U.S. Navy, I started work at an Arkansas state park. It was the employees, volunteers and experiences at the park where I found a true appreciation for nature. After a few years of taking advantage of the extensive resources available at the park, I began the study of herbs and natural vision improvement techniques.

Why herbs?
After decades of neglecting my health by eating meals that were fast and convenient, combined with receiving so many required vaccinations...it was time for a change. There were negative physical symptoms that I had lived with...symptoms that I had accepted as "earned from old age" and "would be with me for life".  Symptoms like tired and stiff joints, digestive issues, living with 'coldness', and shortness of breath after just a few stairs. I was lucky that my symptoms were not critical, yet. However, I knew I was on a slow downwards path in health. It was time to improve my nutritional intake with better foods, including herbs. What a difference these changes have made. I do feel younger and more energized. Herbs do make great food-sources that your body can easily recognize and digest. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.

Why natural vision improvement?
Going back further in my life....I was prescribed my first pair of glasses at the young age of 8 years old. And of course, stronger prescriptions annually after that. In 2003, I had Lasik. In 2013, I was once again in contacts lenses. While researching the possibilites of more corrective surgery, I stumbled upon the Dr. William H. Bates Methods of natural vision improvement techniques. It took me a while to believe it was possible. However, I knew my options....so I opted to study these techniques. I was able to improve my own vision some, enough to say good-bye to the contacts. My eyesight has continuously been improving and I was able to pass a driver's license vision test without corrective assistance.

In summary
I want to "get-the-word-out" on herbs and vision improvement techniques that were successfully used by generations before us today!

Educational background
Education: Master Herbalist Diploma
Certified Natural Vision Improvement Teacher/Coach
Bachelor of Science
Masters of Business Administraton

I can be reached via the contact page on this website, email, phone/text.

I will consider house calls in the northwest Arkansas area or we can meet online via Skype or Zoom.us.